Catt recently wrote to us about a $10 donation she had received during a recent awareness opportunity that she and John had organized. This might lead some to ask, "What good is a donation of $10?" Let's look at that.

It's really important to remember that in fundraising, like so much else, the first thing we have to do is look for opportunities to plant the seeds. Some of them won't make it and some of them will bloom beyond belief. We are not really responsible for the results. It's our job to do our best work in planting the seeds/cultivating the ground, and then we sit back and watch what grows. That's the best anybody can do and all that is asked of us. Some of our efforts raise lots of quick cash and others not so much. All raise awareness and the more awareness of our challenges and our mission, the easier it is to fundraise. All our work and our all results get us closer to our goals, so no effort is ever wasted.

Let's look at that $10 donation. First, it blessed Catt's heart when she received it and then it encouraged so many of us here when we heard about it. Next, that $10 will cover an amount of our office supplies, postage, copying, etc. Those things enable us to get our message out in any number of ways and multiplies the value of the original donation. All the brochures you handed out will be carried back to homes and offices, and you may never know but that one of them might find its way to the hands of a family struggling with symptoms they don't understand, symptoms that are all too familiar to all of us. The brochure has enough information about PWS to tip them off to a possible diagnosis, and a child's life may change direction forever. Who knows but that one of the brochures might find its way to the hands of a person who feels led to make a sizable donation to FPWR, either now or in the future? These things can and do happen. We've heard reports of this before, and we're all sending our best with each of those brochures that someone, somewhere will be helped or will be inspired to donate to support PWS research.

Every thing that is done to support PWS research through FPWR is worthwhile, whether big or small. Thanks to the Maczko family, and to all of the beloved families in FPWR, for the love and commitment you are showing to your child with PWS through all the funds and awareness you are raising. I'm SO proud to be a part of this group with you all!


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