Dear Friends,

This is one of my favorite parts of this job, the annual walk report. As of now, with money still coming in, we have gone over $130,000 in donations from the walk 2005. I know that you all are as thrilled as I am to think of what this means to the future of our children. Who knows what piece of information one of these studies could flesh out that could make a significant difference in the outcome of the lives of our children. We can all rest easy each and every night knowing that we are doing every single thing we can to help our children. This walk report proves that!

Thinking back to the first year of the walk, we fearfully set a goal of $10,000. Having no idea whether we would ever see that much money, we burst onto the Louisville scene and brought in over $30,000. Since then, we have brought in $100,000 for each of the last two years. Adding that to this year's total, the walk has raised over $360,000 in four years. Now that's a nice chunk of change!

If you will indulge me for a moment, I want to brag. Our local Kentucky group, Prader-Willi Friends, has put in countless hours year after year, to make this walk a reality. I am always out front, and I get more than my share of credit, but these families who work hard behind the scenes are all so wonderful. Johnna, Lisa, Laura, Melody, Paige, Barbie and their immediate and extended families, as well as friends, merge into one force to make that day happen. I want to say loud and clear how much I appreciate all they do to pull off this event each year.

All donations, both large and small, that come in to support FPWR through the walk are gifts from the heart. I love to see the shaky hand-writing of the little grannies who give from the little they have coming in each month. A $2 gift from one of them, given in love, really warms my heart. You have to love those grannies!

Hundred of donations work together to create the total and without listing all, I want to recognize three that helped rocket us skyward.

First, a $20,000 gift was given in honor of Nicole Stone, daughter of Pat and Cheryl Stone, by Nicole's grandmother. This is the second $20,000 donation that she has made to FPWR. This woman takes my breath away! Like I said at the walk, Pat, I LOVE Grandma!!! We all do!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Second, thanks to Jeff Porter, PWSA Colorado donated $5,000 to the walk. We are so very thankful for this gift and for the confidence that the Colorado group showed in FPWR's ability to support research. Thanks, Jeff, and thanks to everyone in PWSA Colorado!!!!

Third, our dear Alice and Sergio have come through for us again! This year, their total to date has gone over $30,000. This is the third year that they have made a major effort to fundraise to support the walk raising, in total, over $100,000 in three years. How wonderful is that?!! Thanks so much, Alice and Sergio, for the hard work you put into your letter-writing campaign as well as the personal matching donation that you offer to your donors. You all are fantastic!

Thanks so much to each of you in FPWR for your hard work, your encouragement, and your participation in so many ways. This $130,000 is truly the result of a group effort, the product of loving hearts working together to change what it means to have PWS. You all the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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