Please read the following letter to the FPWR membership from Alice Viroslav regarding our annual campaign. I know that many of you are very concerned about leaving good work undone because of lack of funding. Let's look at this campaign as taking a step toward addressing those concerns. Here is her letter….


Dear friends,

The FPWR grant announcements are always a very exciting time for all
of us – concrete evidence that our hard work is paying off. Yet in
every grant cycle, we know that worthy projects are left on the table
because of lack of funds. Our members make tremendous efforts to
raise those very necessary dollars, but in reality, we all have our
everyday lives to deal with – and part of our lives is the challenge
of PWS. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes.

For these reasons, I am pleased to announce our inaugural FPWR Annual
Campaign! The annual campaign allows each FPWR member to easily reach
out to those friends and family that are waiting in the wings to help
fight PWS. There are several simple ways to put us to work for you:

1) Send us the names and addresses of the people that you'd like to
have participate, and we will send them a letter and materials about
the FPWR including information about how to contribute:

2) Send us the e-mail addresses of your friends and family, and we
will send them the information and links electronically;

3) Contact Rachel, our Executive Director, and she will send you our
Annual Campaign letter for your own use! You can personalize the
letter and send it out yourself!

For those of you that are planning fundraising events, the Annual
Campaign letter can be sent in conjunction with your event. For those
of you that are not, the Annual Campaign is an easy and effective way
to support the FPWR!

We encourage all of you that are able to participate in the Annual
Campaign. We know from experience that letters are a very effective
(and cost-effective) way of raising money. We also know that many of
your friends and family members are eager to help… they are just
waiting to be asked!

Please send your information to Rachel at . With your help, we will defeat PWS!


Alice Viroslav, MD
Vice President, FPWR
Mom of Hannah (14), Olivia (11-PWS by deletion), and Evan (8)

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