Lara Pullen and I were talking at the Kentucky walk about diet options and she mentioned something that I had heard many years ago from an old country doctor, but then added another component to it that may be crucial.

From Lara's reading of late and my old country doctor's advice, we have this quote, "Eat breakfast like a KING, lunch like a PRINCE, and supper like a PAUPER." This is in reverse of the typical American order of things but it makes so much sense. Add that to Lara's further reading that recommended breakfast be protein-dense, lunch a little less so, and supper be carb-dense. The rationale is that the carbs raise metabolism during sleep and help burn off fat, plus carbs help you sleep better. That improved sleep will cause less food-cravings during the day and thus help control weight. The slower-burning protein coming from breakfast and later at lunch will release energy during the day when we need it most. So, you combine the "when" and the "what" of eating to get better results.

This makes so much sense to me and is sure worth a try. We have found that a light supper works best with Erin when we are trying to lose/maintain weight and adding the carb-dense foods may help that happen even easier.


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