I remember freaking out after our diagnosis because I thought it was the end of our social life, not that we had ever had much of one, but if we had, it would have been the over! 🙂 I couldn't figure out how we would handle birthday parties, family dinners, church dinners, even communion at church. Over the years, that's changed considerably. I've gone from counting Cheerios to eyeballing portions, at best.

As Erin has gotten older, priorities have changed and now it's more important to me to reduce any barriers between her and her peers than it is for me to reduce a few calories during a party. Usually, when there's so much going on and she's surrounded by friends, she's hardly interested in the cake. We have an agreement going into the party about what we will have so we don't have to negotiate at ground zero. If there are any unexpected foods, we agree to a little of each so she doesn't feel like she's missing anything. We've had angel food and regular cake, but we've always had cake. It's a birthday. You have cake. Enjoy!


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