Battling PWS entails pushing through many trials and tribulations. Smooth sailing is hardly ever the case when it comes to raising a child with PWS. However, some families are presented with more challenges than others.

Cindy and Glen Thomson, of British Columbia, have a 5-year-old daughter, Megan, with PWS and 2-year-old Oliver. Cindy, herself, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is caused by damage to the protective covering of the nerves. This affects the brain and spinal cord, which physically confines her to a wheelchair. However, emotionally and mentally, there is no such thing as confinement to Cindy.

In spite of her own disability, she fights the daily battles of PWS. Cindy’s MS doesn’t define the parameters of her capabilities when it comes to raising awareness and funds for her daughter’s future, and because of that, PWS certainly isn’t going to dictate Megan’s future. Cindy has hosted 3 One Small Step walks and raised over $50,000 for FPWR and is hosting her 4th one this year. ALSO, she is hosting a gala in Canada this year to help raise even MORE funds for research.

In addition to that, Cindy has helped us get awareness when she got ‘47th Variety Show of Hearts Telethon’ to recognize Prader-Willi Syndrome in an interview in November 2012. She and her family have also been featured on the front page of Vancouver Sun and Burnaby Now.

It’s pretty safe to assume that there is absolutely NOTHING in this world that can destroy Cindy’s perseverance, her drive, her energy. She is all around positive and hopeful for her daughter’s future. She sets the perfect example for Megan. Disabilities and diseases do NOT define an individual. Our attitude can help us overcome our challenges!