It is hard for us as parents to think that our children are hungry. I remember thinking while living in a third-world country that one of the most terrible pains in the world would come from not having food to feed my children. Now, I know another kind of pain–the pain that comes from having a pantry full of food and still not being able to feed my child.

I’d give anything to take my magic wand and make this all go away for all of us. Since that stupid wand doesn’t seem to be working, I have to try other options. 🙂 What I decided long ago with Erin was that since I couldn’t feed her enough to make her happy, I vowed to feed her enough to keep her healthy. Then, I’ve tried to fill her up with other things–good experiences, fun memories, and meaningful relationships. Keeping busy with these things at least distracts from hunger.

Another thing that I believe really helped Erin early on was a strong program of sensory integration. Filling her body with sensation with everything from massage to heavy lifting to trampoline and so forth helps keep her “full.” The Wilbarger protocol of “brush and pump” helped by inputting sensation in a very intense way.

Finally, and we all do this very well, is keep pumping those children full of love. A diet full of all the hugging and cuddling and kissing possible helps strengthen the spirit (child’s and parent’s) for those rough times that we all know too well.

Until that magic wand starts working better, these things have been of tremendous value to us.


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