This has been a very exciting week when we have seen 17 incredible projects submitted to FPWR for funding. Count 'em–17!!! This is a record number of submissions, almost doubling our highest before this. The word is out that FPWR is serious about supporting PWS research and the best and the brightest are responding. To make matters even better, Theresa says that not only do we have a large quantity of projects to consider, but the quality is outstanding. In fact, she said that there is not a one of them that we could not feel comfortable funding if only we had the money. We could not have asked for a better result!

Now comes our real challenge–how to support as many of these projects as possible. The reality is that we will be able to fund about 4 of these 17 projects with our existing funds. That alone is an incredible victory! That will bring to 12 the number of projects we have supported in only three rounds of funding. We should have nothing but pride in the work we have done and the direction we are taking, but there is so much more to do.

Imagine with me the day when we can open a research proposal, decide that it is worthy, and write out a check. Pretend that we have grown to the point where we have ready money for every project that has potential benefit to help us secure our children's future. Pretend that….well, let's not pretend. Let's double our efforts to raise funds to support the more than a dozen the projects that we have received that we don't have funding to support. Think carefully about connections that you have or friends that have connections, and plan ways to share our mission and our passion with those folks. Not everyone can raise huge sums alone, but everyone, working together, can contribute toward the totals that we need.

We can change the future for our children! Imagine how exciting it would be to know that we have reclaimed the power that PWS tried to take away from us, power it never should have had. Imagine how exciting it would be to know that the challenges our children with PWS face each day are challenges that they are equipped to handle because of effective research we have invested in. Imagine how exciting it would be go to sleep every night knowing that the future looks bright and our children have the foundation to lead happy, healthy, independent lives.

Imagine a cure for PWS……

Looking back only a few years ago, we heard little about PWS research from anyone. Now, it has been given the highest priority. That speaks volumes of the HOPE that is out there, HOPE for this generation and for generations to come. Commit yourself in 2006 to doing the best possible for your child and all children with PWS by finding ways to raise funds for research. That is our goal, plain and simple, and we are doing a very good job at it. We will continue to work hard and work smart so that our children can have the best that life has to offer–a more secure future filled with the happiness they deserve!

with a heart full of appreciation and hope,

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