Just a friendly reminder that we are in our 2007 Annual Campaign season. This is a wonderful way to raise funds for research when you're not participating in a fundraising event. I have attached two letters for those who are interested. One is a letter from me asking for support for the Annual Campaign. You can include this with a personal letter from you, or you can send it alone. The other is an unsigned letter that you can sign, also asking for support for FPWR. Either way works beautifully and can be done without breaking a sweat!

Create some excitement in your life! Set a personal goal that you'd like to reach before September 30. Maybe you can raise $100, or $1,000. Maybe you can raise $10,000. Ask for help from your family/friends, and ask each of them to set a goal. Having a number out there instead of something less definite gives you something to work toward. We can't all raise a fortune, but we can ALL do something. By multiplying our efforts with the help of others, we can go a long way toward supporting the kind of PWS research that needs to be done to make a real difference in the lives of our children. Take a minute each day to send out a few letters. It will be so surprising what comes back to reward you for your effort!

Thanks for your support in this year's Annual Campaign. Together, we can meet our goals and support PWS reserach in an exciting way!



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