I have some GREAT news to announce! (drum roll, please…..)

As you know, we are preparing for our 2007 FPWR Annual Meeting and we have an incredible addition to our speaker list. Dr. Jennifer Miller, assistant professor of endocrinology from the University of Florida at Gainesville, and dear friend of the PWS community, will be with us in Colorado for the weekend. Dr. Miller, along with Dr. Dan Driscoll, are conducting a longitudinal study of PWS funded by the NIH at their center in Gainesville. Several of us are enrolled in this work that will monitor PWS in individuals over a 15-year span of time. We so look forward to spending time with her, hearing her speak, and having an opportunity for some Q & A–our favorite part!

Those of us who have met or worked with Dr. Miller know her as a competent, committed researcher who is passionate about her work in the world of PWS. Over and over again, I've heard parents say that Dr. Miller has so generously shared her time and expertise with them, helping to clarify issues and making it easier for them to make decisions. I have found her to be a person with a heart of gold and a positive attitude about our children and their futures. I know you will enjoy meeting her and learning more about PWS from her rich experiences in endocrinology and PWS.

If all of the other activities of our weekend weren't enough, this should really sweeten the pot! Join us for a weekend of learning and sharing, as well as a time to renew old friendships and make new ones. October 5-7 is not all that far off, so go ahead and get those reservations made. https://www.fpwr.org/blog/execDir/2007AnnualMeeting

We really look forward to seeing you all there!


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