Prader-Willi Friends Kentucky is happy to announce our 2007 Walk-a-Thon for FPWR! Our SIXTH annual walk will be held at the Louisville Zoo in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, September 22. We'll post more details soon, but mark this date on your calendar and make your plans to come be with us as we raise funds for research and awareness of Prader-Willi syndrome.

Come to Kentucky and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Make a weekend trip out of it and renew ongoing friendships while making new ones. Many of you have been coming to our walks from the get-go and others will come for the first time. Either way, you're guaranteed a good time and a meaningful experience.

The Kentucky walk, as well as all of the other events in and around September are part of FPWR Month, a time when we all make a concentrated effort to raise funds to support our upcoming round of projects. When Theresa sends our this year's request for new proposals, we go into overdrive with our fundraising so that we have as much money available as possible to pay for as many projects as we can. While the Kentucky walk used to be the signature event in our fundraising efforts, we now have events all over the US and in Canada that are held to support our work. Last year, the number of events just exploded and we were able to support a whopping SIX projects. How exciting is that?!!! For a list of this the upcoming events, see

So, whether you come to Kentucky or to any of the other events we have scheduled, do everything you can to support these wonderful events and those who are organizing them. Even better, think about setting up your own event in your neighborhood and turning it into an annual affair. It does take work, but as any of the event-holders will tell you, the results are well worth the effort!

As a reminder, the Kentucky walk is separate from FPWR's annual meeting this year. We have always held the annual meeting during the weekend of the Kentucky walk, but in order to make it easier for those in the western part of the country to participate, we are holding this year's annual meeting in Denver, Colorado the weekend of October 5-7. Check out the website for the YMCA of the Rockies: That weekend will be incredible as we enjoy each other's company in the beauty of the Rockies!

See you all soon!


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