I'd like to welcome Amy Porter to FPWR. Amy is Jeff's sister and Abby's aunt, also the Chief of Staff for Rep. Ed Royce (r) CA. We are so thankful to have her expertise and energy to guide us in our move into political advocacy.

Let's give her some information to work with. Since we are focusing on fundraising, our best political bets may come from relationships with members of the Appropriations Committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Let's give Amy a list of FPWR families and their representatives and senators who serve on this powerful committee. I have listed a link below to the Appropriations Committee for both the Senate and the House. If you know your representative and your senators, look on the lists to see if they are members of this committee. If you do not know your representative and senators, I have listed the website of the House and Senate above the Appropriations Committee link. After you figure out who your people are and whether or not they are on the Approp. Comm, then fill out this form and send it in. I'll collect the information, gift wrap it, and give it to Amy. It will be very helpful information to have when we have initiatives that need local support.


House of Representatives
House Appropriations Committee

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