Catherine Shaw, chairman and co-founder of FPWR-UK, runs the charity alongside looking after her three children; Eleanor, 7 with PWS, Freddie, 4 and little Annie, 6 months old. After taking the tough decision to leave her work within a school, being a 1:1 for a little boy with autism, Catherine wanted to do something to help all those with PWS. She looked in to charities that were specific for funding research in to the syndrome as she believed this gave hope to all PWS families. She found the FPWR in America, who helped her organise her first One Small Step Walk in 2010. From there she and the FPWR UK have never looked back.


In 2014 Vicki Almond and Tim Golds, the other two charity board members and both PWS parents, contacted Catherine separately looking for help with their charity events. They have since helped to grow the charity, both becoming board members in members in late 2014.


The PWS community is one which no parent ever expected to be in, however the enthusiasm we see throughout the country from individuals involved with the FPWR UK is inspiring. They are a big part of what motivates us to keep pushing for advancement in research. We are always looking for more dedicated people to help us grow even further, please get in touch if you’d like advice or more information about ways to get involved.


Our aim is to be able to help this community further in the future. Through events and conferences we will be able to advise, encourage and inspire more families to get involved with fundraising.