We are thrilled to introduce Team FPWR! The seven runners featured below have committed to raising a minimum of $5,000 each in support of Prader-Willi syndrome research. Join us as we cheer our great advocates on toward the finish line. We hope you will return to this page often to learn more about Team FPWR members and their inspiring stories of hope for a brighter future for everyone living with PWS!

Laura Christie

Laura Christie

Laura Christie, CT

Laura Christie was born and raised in New York just outside of the city. When she heard of the opportunity to support her life-long friend while running her first marathon in her home state, she thought it was the perfect scenario.

Laura learned about Prader-Willi Syndrome when her childhood friend had a child with the rare disorder. Having their son, Myles, be diagnosed with PWS was devastating for their family and friends. Laura knew she wanted to help in some way and so this past year she thought, “I can run”. She decided to put meaning behind her miles and run Miles for Myles!

Laura is a professional chef specializing in health supportive cuisine and owns a private catering chef business with her husband in Connecticut. Laura and her husband have a beautiful son. Best of luck, Laura, as you represent Team FPWR at the TCS New York City Marathon!

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Chris Grimmer

Chris Grimmer

Chris Grimmer, CA

Chris Grimmer is a ten time marathon finisher, but he’ll tell you that’s only because his wife made him do it. He grew up in Madison, WI and attended the University of Michigan, but left the Midwest to head to the Bay Area of California for Graduate School along with his college sweetheart who later became his wife.

Chris now works for Tesla where he engineers grid-tied batteries to enable the growth of renewable energy. He and his wife are parents to “two wonderful children and two sweet dogs”.

Chris is choosing to be lace up his running shoes for his 11th marathon with Team FPWR in November at the TCS New York City Marathon! He says he’s excited to be raising money and awareness for the PWS community at this incredible race! Thank you, Chris! We can’t wait to see you cross the finish!

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Joe Ferrante

Joe Ferrante

Joe Ferrante, NY

Joe Ferrante is a 30-year-old musician and small business owner from Long Island, NY. He’s a fun-loving guy who cherishes the time that he gets to spend with his close friends and family. He’ll tell you that he’s the favorite uncle to his two nieces, who he especially enjoys getting to spend time with, and whom the youngest of which, Ella, has Prader-Willi syndrome.

Joe wasn’t always a runner, in fact, he says that he never enjoyed running before last year when he was propositioned to run a full marathon with his sister, to which he laughed at, and declined. However, after some convincing, Joe committed to lacing up his sneakers and 6 months later was a marathon finisher, and felt incredible. When the opportunity arose for Joe to participate in the TCS NYC Marathon in support of FPWR, he says it was a no brainer. He is thrilled to support an organization that is “truly making a difference in the lives of people affected by PWS”.

Thank you, Joe! We’ll see you at the finish in November!

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Hunter Hammill

Hunter Hammill

Hunter Hammill, TX

Hunter Hammill calls Houston, TX home though he’s lived in many places throughout his life. After moving for both college and Law School, and a 5-year stint in DC, Hunter returned to Houston to be close to his immediate family while he and his wife raised theirs. He works as an immigration attorney with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services for the federal government, and has 3 beautiful children, including Harper, with PWS.

Hunter began running directly as a way to help him with everything that was going on his life when his daughter was diagnosed. He started by participating in a “Couch to 5k” program with his sister and didn’t plan on taking it any farther than that, but says he hasn’t stopped running since. Hunter has completed one marathon before, but says he looks forward to completing the TCS NYC Marathon in honor of Harper and all of the amazing work being done by FPWR.

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Michelle Hylan

Michelle Hylan

Michelle Hylan, MA

Michelle Hylan will tell you that she’s not a runner. Through a shoe store for a sale, yes, but she says, if we had asked her two years ago if there would ever be a reason that she’d run a marathon, she would have said, “26.2 miles? … No way”!

Michelle joined the research team at Rhythm Pharmaceuticals with responsibility for the oversight of a Phase 2 clinical trial for patients with Prader-Willi syndrome and was so moved by what she learned about PWS, and the people that she has encountered, that she says, “Now there is no solution which I won’t explore. I am deeply committed professionally and personally to working with the PWS community”.

As a native New Yorker, it seems fitting that Michelle will run her first marathon in her home state! She says that she has begun her training and has a long way to go, but she knows that she will cross that finish line on November 6th! Thank you, Michelle! We’ll be cheering you on in New York!!

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 Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore, MT

After a childhood hero got him running track at the young age of 8, Kevin Moore became an avid runner participating in track as well as cross-country. He took a small hiatus in his twenties, but then in his thirties found himself inspired by yet another personal hero, and now has 11 marathons under his belt!

Kevin has recently found himself with the desire to give meaning to his miles, and find a way to give back through running. Being Uncle to an adorable 4 year-old nephew that has Prader-Willi syndrome sparked Kevin’s interest in teaming up with FPWR to run the TCS NYC Marathon!

Kevin lives in Missoula, MT with his wife where they enjoy gardening and participating in the active community, running and biking the many beautiful trails their area has to offer. Thank you, Kevin for dedicating yourself to our cause – good luck in New York!

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Kelly Robbins

Kelly Robbins

Kelly Robbins, LA

Kelly Robbins is 28 years old, from Louling, LA and is mom to an adorable 3 year-old little girl named Kylar. When Kylar was just one month old, Kelly found out that her daughter had Prader-Willi Syndrome. At this time, Kelly was extremely unhealthy and overweight, but she decided that she wanted to be someone that her daughter could look up to. Kylar’s diagnosis meant that she would have to follow a strict diet and have an active lifestyle in order to live a healthy life, and Kelly wanted to walk hand-in-hand with her daughter.

Kelly began her journey to a healthier life by running. Running was not only getting her into good shape, but also became an outlet for the obstacles that she and her daughter faced. Kelly was able to drop a staggering 103 pounds and finish her first half marathon less than one year after committing to changing her life!

Kelly says, “Kylar and I have over come numerous obstacles and seems we are faced with news ones all the time. But I know with out a doubt now there is nothing we cannot get through together as long as we are determined and have faith. Many doctors painted an ugly picture of life would be like for me having a daughter with PWS. They explained how frustrating and challenging it would be. I wish they knew how wrong they were! My daughter is my greatest blessing and whom I love and admire more than anything else in my existence. She is the happiest and most loving toddler that I know. She brings a smile to everyone she meets and gives the absolute best hugs. I wouldn’t want my life any other way!”

We’re thrilled to have Kelly as part of Team FPWR, running the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon – good luck, Kelly!

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