In thinking of the expenses involved in attending a conference, we sometimes assume that we have to pay all of our expenses ourselves. This is often not the case and I'd like to mention some possibilities. Some states have funding for parents to attend conferences related to disability issues. In Kentucky, we have a program through the Department of Developmental Disabilities that pays up to $750 per person per year for a parent to attend this type of conference. Those of us in Kentucky are going to be able to take advantage of this program to cover most of the costs related to attending the October meeting. Other states have assistance, too, and it would be worth your while to look into this. Civic groups and churches often contribute to these types of expenses so a few calls might make a big difference.

Does anybody else have possible funding sources for parents to attend conferences? We'd love to hear about them if you do. Take a few minutes to think creatively about funding sources aside from your checkbook and see if you can find programs or groups to help you cover these expenses. If you do, please post a message about this so others can try the same thing in their communities.



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