Just to refresh everybody's memory, Amy Porter's golf event in Washington, D.C. is sponsored/underwrit ten by the California State Society. Amy and the event planner felt that it would be great to have a California family w/a child w/PWS represented at the event so Renay is flying from LA to DC w/William to be there. Remember, too, that Renay just finished coordinating the first FPWR walk-a-thon in Los Angeles AND she's getting ready to bring her family to Kentucky for the KY walk and annual meeting next week. That takes a LOT of energy, time, and sacrifice from the whole family!

Renay's work shows the kind of spirit that has gotten FPWR to the place where we are. We are, without a doubt, the driving force behind PWS research! Thanks to people like Renay who go the extra mile again and again, we will do exactly what we set out to do–change the future for our children with PWS!

Thanks again, Renay, and everybody for all that you are doing. What a blessing to be a part of this group!


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