One of our main sources of income is through our One Small Step Walks. Over the years we’ve helped a number of groups organise their own walks. We’ve seen small walk of 20 people and larger walks of 200! All are a huge help to the charity and are an inspiration to us. If you’d like to organise your own walk then we can offer help, advise and support so please get in touch.

We rely on your donations to fund research in to PWS and there are so many other ways you can fundraise for us, here’s are some other ideas of previous activities done for FPWR-UK:

– Home clothes or Go Orange Day at a nearby school (or any other day they would be happy to support)

– Craft Fair

– Cake stool at a local fete

For those feeling a bit more adventurous:

Runs: 5k, 10k

Mud runs: Such as Tough Mudder

Treks: Organising or joining a trek such as climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Cycling: London to Brighton or create your own route

Expeditions: Such as the Pan-Andean Challenge 2015

We offer support, t-shirt and running vest to anyone wanting to raise money for us so if you’re planning any events or fundraising activity then get in touch!