When you have a chance, take a look at the list of fundraising events that are already scheduled for this year. www.fpwr.org The green box on the right side of the front page holds links to event information for each listed event. As time gets closer, the event holders will add more detail, but this list will help you get dates down on your calendar. Many more events are also being planned and will be listed as soon as dates are set so check back often.

Whenever you have a minute, look at the list of events and those who are responsible for each one. These families are extraordiary in that they have taken the mission of FPWR to heart and are sacrificing their time, energy and resources to fund PWS research. These are families who are no different from any others. They have careers, children, school, PWS issues, and all the same issues that we all share. On top of this, they commit a signifcant amount of time to fundraising for FPWR. When you can, consider contacting those who are working so hard to help all of our children succeed. A note of support, a friendly phone call, a letter of appreciation, or whatever you choose to do will go a long way to encourage and nurture those who are working so hard. Support the events in your area in any way you can, and when you can't be there, try to find a way to support the event-holders. A little appreciation goes a long way!

I can speak to this from experience. Last year, after our sixth annual Kentucky walk-a-thon, I had just gotten home and had just plopped down into a chair, totally exhausted, and considered taking up permanent residence in that very spot. The doorbell rang and I couldn't believe anyone was interruping my total collapse. Who in the world could this be and what on earth could they want? Lo and behold, it was the local florist holding a beautiful arrangement of red roses. My first thought was that they had the wrong address, but when I checked the card, it was right and it was for me. I opened the card and again plopped down in my chair, this time in tears. Lara Pullen had sent an arrangement of beautiful flowers as encouragement and support. After that, I forgot about being tired and enjoyed the beauty of those flowers for many days to come.

Lara couldn't make it to the walk that day, but she helped me with the work in a very special way. I encourage you to find ways to support fundraising through FPWR and to support the fundraisers. Of course, the best way is to become a fundraiser yourself and share the joy of supporting PWS research first-hand, but if that's not an option, then helping those who are doing this is a marvelous alternative.

Don't forget to check the dates for the upcoming events on the home page at www.fpwr.org!


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