It doesn't seem all that long since FPWR started with not even a pencil to our name. Now, we're sending out notes to committees with high-tech language like this that helps keep our organization productive and efficient. This is nothing short of amazing to me and I am SO very thankful to all the hard-working and committed families we have in FPWR who give sacrificially of their time and energy to make us the dynamic group that we are. What it tells me is that we are on the right path, doing the right thing at the right time, and doing it WELL!




Now that our website is up (yet still a daily work in progress), we want to launch a re-birth of the tech committee with a bit of a different focus. Before, we needed people to help develop our site (PHP, HTML) skills, but now we believe that we have that largely covered (by my wife Kari)

SIDE NOTE—–> if you know PHP and/or Linux systems administration and want to participate in back-end development, please contact me.
Our site runs on a combination of Drupal (a content management framework) and CiviCRM (a donor development, constituent management system). Both of these are open source (basically free to use) and run on top of a combination of Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

With the development largely covered, what we need the tech committee to do moving forward is to help the the following initiatives:

1. Search Engine Optimization (chasing down back-links)
(This is a non-technical job, as all you need to know is how to use Google and understand HTML Links)

2. Data management (helping organize, configure, and manage our donor and membership data (eliminate duplicate records, import data, etc.)

3. Search Engine Marketing, Online Marketing, & Analytics (monitoring our site results, and helping the board with e-marketing campaigns)

If you are interested in helping in these areas, or willing to learn about them, please let me know. For those that are attending the walk, we plan to do a walk through of the website and our plans.


Jeff Porter

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