Twice a year, in the spring and fall, Macy's stores nationwide have a day where local charity groups are allowed to come into their stores and raise money. This is done by selling tickets (coupons) for $5 that are good for $10 off of a Macy's purchase. (Macy's provides the tickets to the organization. ) The organization gets to keep the whole $5 and that's how you make your money.

Organizations apply through their local stores to be included in this day and are assigned two-hour shifts at various intersections inside the store. The members of the organization have a table where they can post signage and brochres about their work. Then, they can approach shoppers and ask them if they would like to save $10 on that pile of clothes they are about to check out. By donating $5, they can save $10. It's not a tough idea to sell. 🙂

The tickets have other benefits, too. For larger purchases, you can opt for 20% off, instead of $10. Also, there's a tear-off that is an entry form for a shopping spree. The group can also sell tickets in advance.

So, it's a win-win situation. Without much work and even without a big group, you can raise money with just a two-hour commitment. Macy's gets more traffic for that day and the good will of the community. Everybody's happy!

If you are interested in this, contact the manager of your local Macy's and get information on how to apply to be included in these events. I can send you brochures for your table and you're good to go.

Just another fundraising idea from the friendly folks at FPWR!


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