Sometimes we all feel that we are running marathons every day with the schedules we try to keep. In fact, some of us actually ARE running marathons and for a good cause–FPWR. This report comes from John Craig, Danny's dad, about his run in the Chicago Marathon.

…I just wanted to let you know that our Chicago Marathon fundraising is just over $5200 at this point. We are leaving the website open as our run will be published in the US Naval Academy alumni magazine, Shipmate. This should bring in some more donations. I was very pleased with the results and it certainly made the run worthwhile. I had several people talk to me about PWS during the marathon after they read my shirt (the back–as they were passing me!!). Some good awareness as well….

Thanks, John, for all the work you did to train for this, to compete in it, and to raise funds through it. John ran with his FPWR wrist bands blazing and has made us all proud!

Here's the sequel….John also ran in a mini-marathon on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Danny really wanted to see him run and bought a cow bell to use to cheer his dad on. Here's what John said about doing another run so close to the Chicago marathon, "Hopefully this extra running will bring some more donations. I figure after all Danny has gone through, my running another 13.1 miles really isn’t that big a deal."

What a dad!!! Thanks, John, for being such an inspiration to us all!


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