I want to tell you about a recent fundraiser created and held by Marsha McCabe in Washington state. Sometimes, we get to thinking that if we can't have a rock concert, that we can't do anything to support PWS research through FPWR. This is an example of how anyone, anywhere can take an idea and go with it. For this, you don't need a group, or a facility, or much of anything else except a little imagination, a good pair of gardening gloves, a trowel, and an envelope to mail in the money. 🙂

Marsha made about 25 fall planters to raise money for FPWR. She said she spent about a week planting them all, and sent out flyers advertising the sale. She figured out what her cost was per planter and then doubled the price to include a donation. She said she was lucky to get many of my pots donated from friends and neighbors. When she told them about her fundraiser, they donated the empty pots they had hanging around. From this, she was able to raise $2000 after costs. She plans to do another one the week before Mother's Day for spring/summer.

How cool is this idea?!! She took something she enjoys doing and found a way to raise funds for PWS research from it. That was how Marsha did it. What ideas do you have to support PWS research? Look at your hobbies, the things you enjoy, and see if there is a way to channel that energy into a fundraiser. The more we enjoy something, the easier it is to do. The more of us who are involved in fundraising projects, the quicker we see the results we want.

Thanks, Marsha, for your creativity and commitment to PWS research, and thanks for the great idea!


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