We have gotten several memorial gifts lately, donations from family and friends in honor of different ones of our chidren with PWS. In a note that accompanied a check from the cousin of "Young George", she writes

….This modest donation is made on behalf of the family of G.A., deceased. His son, George, has a loving child afflicted with Prader-Willi…Young George is a kind and gentle man who, along with his wife, is doing all he can to rally and be the best father to this little girl…

I couldn't help but think of how Juliette's life has touched the hearts of people literally from coast to coast. This loving tribute to both Juliette and her parents reminds us how committed our extended families are to our success in helping our children.

The diagnosis of PWS touches the entire family, and beyond. So can our commitment to PWS research through FPWR. Take a minute to talk to your family members about FPWR, just like George and Whitney have done. Tell them about our mission and share with them the enthusiasm you feel for helping your child through our organization. Involve them in FPWR and let them help in whatever way is best for them. Whether it's through memorial gifts, FPWR membership, event support/sponsorship, or donations, help your extended families help build our organization and through that, accomplish our mission. The next time someone asks you what they can do to help, tell them FPWR!

Together, we can do this!


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