Thanks, everybody, for all the good feedback about the website. I can speak for all of us involved by saying that it was a labor of love and we are proud to present it as the face of FPWR. So much of our communication takes place in cyberspace so it's very important that our web presence represents our work as clearly as possible. This new site does that and we're looking forward to all the ways that it's capabilities will make our work better and easier.

I keep peeking at the new site, just to make sure it's still there. I'm as bad about this as I am about my children. Kristen is 15 and I still check at night to make sure she's breathing! It's probably a little late to be concerned about SIDS but old habits die hard! 🙂

Thanks again for the input you all gave before we launched. Your suggestions were so helpful and gave us insight into the kind of things you wanted to see in the new website.

As I said, there is still much to do and new features that will be added. Check the site often for news about research, events and other fundraising opportunities that come our way. Enjoy the site and pass the address along to all of your PWS friends, your family members, friends, medical professionals and, of course, potential donors!




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