In case you missed it, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) released its 2011 Strategic Plan for Obesity Research, which will serve as a guide to accelerate research into understanding and treating obesity.  Two versions (summary and full) are available for download on the NIH Obesity Research site.  The “full” version is directed towards the scientific community, but it’s not overly technical and worth reading if you have an interest. 

Because this document may also serve as a guide for research funding priorities, we are particularly grateful to Jim Kane (dad to Kate), who spearheaded an effort to collect input from the PWS research community and advocacy organizations (PWSA(USA) and FPWR) about additional language and points to include.  Thanks also to Dr. Jack Yanovski of the NIH, who submitted the comments to task force responsible for developing the Strategic Plan.  The input from the PWS community made it into the final report in several places – you might want to see if you can spot them (hint: pretty much anywhere ‘genetic obesity syndrome’  is mentioned!)

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