There are so many ways to support PWS research through FPWR. For many of us, online shopping has become a standard part of our lives. Malls are stressful and time is scarce so we use our computers to pound the pavement for us. In addition to saving us time and energy, online buying can also be turned into an opportunity for giving and supporting FPWR. On our website (, we have a page dedicated to a variety of online buying options: http://www.fpwr. org/supportFPWR/ online_buying

Take a few minutes and browse through these choices. There is surely something here for whatever kind of online shopping you do! Each program is set up a little differently, but for the most part, as we make purchases, the company makes a donation, usually a percentage of the total that is spent. These amounts can really add up! Over time and in conjunction with many other FPWR shoppers, significant amounts of money can be raised, basically at no cost to the donor or to FPWR. That's a win-win situation for everyone!

Happy shopping!


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