We ALL benefit when FPWR succeeds in our goal of supporting more and more PWS research. We ALL have children who need us to do our very best to secure their future health and happiness. We ALL need to do whatever we can to share the workload that funding research requires. Whether you can hold an event, secure a donation, participate in our online buying program, write a grant, or advocate for PWS research funding with your elected officials, there is something for ALL of us to do.

The wonderful thing about fundraising is that it EMPOWERS us in the fight against Prader-Willi syndrome. It creates within us the realization that there is MUCH that we can do to take back the control of our children's lives that was yanked out of our hands when we received that painful diagnosis. Take a look at all of the options and find a way to plug yourself into one or more of them.

Working together, anything is possible! Working together, we will do whatever it takes to change the future for our children and we will accept nothing less! Do you need a visual to see what people working together can do? Here's one I think you will enjoy .

As you watch these incredible folks work together seemlessly, think of the marvel they have created that they could never have done alone. From an undefined mob, beautiful pictures are created, designs that seem almost impossible to have imagined. By working together to raise funds in FPWR, we can create an end result for PWS that will make that choreography seem like a small town parade.

So, let's get busy…let's be creative…let's put PWS in its rightful place—-GONE!


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