Today, Theresa Strong, the chair of our Scientific Board, wrote the following about the list of published PWS research that has been funded by FPWR

"One good measure we have to evaluate how our funding impacts the field
of PWS research is to keep track of the publications in the medical
literature that result from FPWR-funded projects.

I've just updated the list of papers resulting from FPWR's support: FPWRpublishedProjects

It's a very impressive set of papers, particularly given that we first
started providing funding for projects in 2004."

Wow! That's better reading than the Sears Christmas catalog!!!

When you think of the importance of the work itself, and how many people of considerable brain power read each of those journals and are better-informed about PWS, it's such a thrill! Each of these projects adds another piece to the PWS puzzle, making the time closer when we can see the bigger picture more clearly. What's not to love about that?

Thanks for all of you who have contributed in so many ways to making this list of published PWS research the wonder that it is. If you want to see this list keep growing longer, and I know you do, consider what you can do locally to help fund the research we would all like to see done. As you know, we have more projects proposed each year than we can fund, projects that may hold answers that we need. Keep thinking about fundraising opportunities that you can be involved in that will move this work along.

Accelerating PWS research is our focus. Let's maintain this focused by opening up more and more opportunities for raising money. If you have any questions or ideas, let us hear from you at Thanks again for all you are doing!


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