Theresa Strong wrote the following in her blog today….

"You may not have noticed in all your preparations for the holidays, but the FPWR grant deadline is now behind us. That means it's time to get busy with the extremely important business of deciding how best to see our precious research dollars.

I'm pleased to report that 27 (count 'em, 27!!!) new and renewal applications have been submitted for consideration. I have been organizing the grants in preparation for having them reviewed, and I have to say the breadth of the studies submitted is almost overwhelming. We have proposals covering just about all aspects of PWS including genetics, growth, development, mood, behavior, sleep, breathing and hunger- studying everything from molecular pathways to animal models to people. In looking through them, I am once again reminded how fortunate we are to have so many excellent researchers
interested in understanding PWS and improving the lives of our children. I'd love to be able to reward each and every one of them with some funding – imagine how that would move things along!

Unfortunately, however, that's not possible right now (unless somebody out there has recently run into a cool 1.5 million or so), and thus we begin the difficult task of choosing which projects to support."

This is all such great news! It makes all the work we put into fundraising worth it. I know I've said this before, but the saddest thing of all would be if we had all the money in the world, but nobody had any ideas about how to help our children. Here, we have all these researchers with all these ideas, and all we need is money.

I remember a line out of Willy Wonka where Charlie's grandfather was giving him advice. Charlie was considering selling his golden ticket because his family was so poor. His grandfather told him that money was common, but opportunities like this come along once in a lifetime.

When you think about it, money is common. There is a lot of it out there and now, all we have to do is channel it into this work, the work that can change our children's futures.

Anybody have anything better to do with their time? 🙂

Thanks, again, Theresa, for managing our grant program and making FPWR a force that will change the world of PWS! I just want to hear it one more time–27 PROJECTS SUBMITTED!!! !! Whoa! OK….I'm calm now, but very, very happy!

Who needs a stocking on the mantle when we have this kind of news?

The holidays are already happy!


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