You all,

We have an incredible weekend coming up and just thinking of it gives me goose bumps.

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have the terrific Tailgate Party.
From Dallas, Texas, we have the mighty Dragon Dash.
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, we have the groovy Hangar Dance.
From Washington, D.C., we have the cool California State Society's Golf Tournament.

All four events on the same weekend. Be still my heart!

I think I've finally found words to describe it…..(drum roll, please)….. ..


Do you remember the George Clooney's (yet another handsome Kentucky boy) movie where three powerful storms converged on a single point and poor George and his crew were right in the middle of it. That's is what this weekend feels like, except we have FOUR.!!!! Now, to be clear, my comparison is with the combined force of the storms and not how everybody on the boat perished and the captain went down with the ship. We can skip that part! Let's focus on the storms.

Four strong forces….all converging on one point….all at the same time. These four events, all converging on the world of PWS research, and all this weekend. Each event is a force in its own right, but combining their strengths gives us energy the likes of which we've never seen. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

Thanks to all of you involved in these four events. Mike and friends in Philadelphia, you all will knock it our of the park this weekend. Kathryn, Erica, Lindi, Amy, and everybody else in Texas, hats off to you all as you go into your second year of Dragon Dashing. Joyce, Michelle and everybody in Pennsylvania, the very best to you all up there who will be cutting the rug at the Hangar Dance into the wee morning hours for the second year in a row. Amy, Jeff, Kari and everybody who is helping with the first annual DC Golf Tournament, this event is already a hole-in-one, a real class act!

We're all sending you our prayers, thoughts, positive energy and anything else we can find! We're all with you in spirit and will be waiting anxiously for your reports. Have a great weekend and thanks, thanks, thanks!!!


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