Today was my birthday, and it's one of those one in seven lucky years when it falls on a Saturday. I love that! I make a point of doing things on my birthday that I have never done before so I began the day with a plan.

First on my list was one of those things that I have done many times, though, Erin's soccer game, also soccer picture day. When the game began, she was put with a team where she was the only girl and the boys were all at least two heads taller and twice as big as is so I didn't know how this was going to go. I saw her go talk to the coach at the start of the game and figured she was talking strategy about how to bring those boys down!

Erin's not an aggressive player. In fact, she has been known to go to great lengths to avoid having to actually kick the ball. She has fun, enjoys the conversations, and loves the idea of soccer, but, given the choice, will be energy efficient. 🙂

Well, today, she started off strong and played hard the whole game. IT's a TOPS team so they have mentors to help them develop skills and her mentor couldn't believe how hard she was working. Before the game was over, she had scored three times and was so happy. Of course, I was hoarse from cheering! The coach came over to the bench where I was and said, "Rachel, Do you know what Erin said before we started the game today?" I figured it was about making mincemeat of the males, but she said, "Erin said she was going to play hard today because she wanted to make a goal for you on your birthday. She said it would make you so happy."
I'm sure you can figure out what happened then. 🙂

I just had to write this down and keeping it to myself didn't seem like an option. I often set goals for my birthday. I'm going to do this or that by my birthday, finish projects, get caught up, etc., but today, I finally got a goal for my birthday, the best one ever!


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