Your children's lost baby teeth are valuable to the PWS research community! Scientists are extracting cells from inside the teeth in order to help understand the genetics of PWS.

FPWR-funded researcher, Dr. Reiter at University of Tennessee, says, "we are gearing up to collect as many PWS teeth as we can before December. Our goal is to be able to prep all of the lines at one time for the gene expression studies. Thanks again for supporting our work. We are excited about this study and hope to significantly contribute to potential PWS therapeutic targets." The teeth must be sent fresh, so contact Dr. Reiter's group for a kit so that you are ready when the opportunity presents itself! Those having wisdom teeth removed are also great candidates!

Click here for more information on this study and how to participate. Dr. Reiter can be reached directly by e-mail,, or phone, (901) 448-2635.