Squeeze all the joy out of every holiday that you can. It's these rituals that spice up our lives and mark the passage of time. Our memories are full of holiday happenings and that's how it should be. What we do is try to divert the focus, in any way we can, away from the candy/treats, and onto the costumes/visiting with neighbors/fun, etc. PWS doesn't make that easy, but it can be done. We let Erin pick one piece for each hand after the trick-or-treating is over. The rest she trades in for a movie and it all disappears.

I remember freaking out the first year and thinking we'd just have to shield ourselves from all food-related holidays. That wasn't rational, but the, at the time, neither was I! We now look forward to this every year. Yes, between all the parties, we get a few extra calories, but we work it out over the days before and after.

One other important learning opportunity this gives us is to show our children how much of something healthy they could have for the same amount of calories that they would get in just a little candy. Pick some (favorite) healthy food and put out an equal amount of that one one plate. Put another puny (least favorite) piece of candy on another plate and show them the difference. Nothing like a visual!

One final point…..I realized again today how much Kristen gave up when Erin was little and we were in constant therapy/doctor's appointments, etc. I am the room mother in Erin's class and helped with the Halloween party (mostly so I could have some level of control over the snacks!). I never did that for Kristen because of all it took to keep Erin afloat. We do the kind of work we do in FPWR not only for our children with PWS, but for their siblings. Let's keep putting on the steam so that none of our children miss out on every good thing in life, those with PWS and those siblings who love them.

Happy Halloween, everybody! Get out there and have a party!!!!!!!!!!


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