Having grown up as a PK (preacher's kid), my childhood was full of stories from the Bible. This ones seems relevant to our conversation here.

When the tribes of Israel were getting ready to cross into the Promised Land, they sent a group of 12 men to scout out the area. Ten of the men came back saying that the land was filled with giants and the challenges of claiming the land as their own was too great. They would have to live with the misery that they had grown to know during their wilderness wanderings. They could not possibly risk crossing into the land and facing the new world. However, a minority report was filed by the remaining two men, Joshua and Caleb. Their recommendation came saying "We have the Power with us and we need to go for it." (loose translation) To make a long story short, the Israelites adopted the Minority Report and you know the rest of the story.

We have been told that we cannot take on the giants in our children's future. We have been told that we must accept the misery which has been predicted. But friends, we proudly and bravely present the Minority Report for PWS! We are not afraid of giants. We are willing to risk ourselves for the potential benefit of our children. You got giants? Bring 'em on! We're tougher than your giants. We're PARENTS! And like another Biblical character, we're like David who took down the giant Goliath with one small, smooth stone–properly placed! We are the small, smooth stones, and we're properly placed within FPWR to take down our giant–PWS.

Whatever your faith tradition is, defined or undefined, it's clear that we have been blessed with members working from incredible spiritual depths. I have talked to enough of you to know that your convictions, spurred by the love for your children, cause you to take action on their behalf. What higher expression of faith and love is there than action?

A diagnosis of PWS causes us to severely question some of our dearest spiritual understandings. Over the last several years, the one thing I have become more and more convinced of with all of my heart is that God wants wholeness for ALL of us. That was the original plan. I can't say what happened along the way to allow something like PWS to enter the gene pool, but I do believe that God has installed compensatory systems within each of us. We may have to work to figure out how to access them, but I do believe they are there and that we will find them.

Finally, I believe that we have all been brought to FPWR to create wholeness within this organization. The complementary gifts that we all bring to the FPWR table is incredible, and no accident. I am proud to be walking this path along with all of you and feel so very blessed to share this bond with you.

Thanks, Amy and Alice, for introducing this topic.


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