The overall objective of this FPWR funded study is to explore the mechanisms by which macronutrients regulate hyperphagia, satiety, food intake and weight gain in Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS). Using  a cutting edge metabolomics approach, researchers will measure a broad array of hormones, cytokines, amino acids and fatty acid metabolites prior to and 48 hours after either a low carbohydrate or low fat diet. The study will also ask whether a low carbohydrate diet suppresses levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and increases appetite-suppressing hormones to a greater degree and for longer duration than a low fat diet.  Information obtained from this study will be used to design evidence-based diet plans for children with PWS.

There are (2) study site locations at Duke University and at the University of Alberta.

For more details on inclusion/exclusion criteria and study specifics, please visit the clinicaltrials page here. For additional information, please contact one of the study coordinators listed below:

  1. Krystal A Irizarry, MD, (919) 684-8250,
  2. Michael Freemark, MD, (919) 684-8350,
  3. Andrea M Haqq, MD, (780) 492-0015,