Twelve unique paintings are available to the highest bidders in a unique art auction benefiting the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR). Each art piece, beautifully painted on a 12x12 canvas, was created specifically for this art show by individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).

Amber and Jason Rector, hosts of the art auction, become involved with FPWR in 2012 when they hosted their first One SMALL Step walk. "It was clear pretty early on that our community loves to lift each other up and rally together. So we knew that we could expand our fundraising efforts into unique avenues," said Amber.

The art auction came to life over dinner when a friend commented on the family's art display. "We have some of Jae's artwork hanging above our fireplace," said Amber. "Our friends commented how much they liked it, joking that they would buy the painting if we were to ever sell it. I knew right then, I was going to find a way to make that into a fundraiser!"

Each unique piece of art has been set up for auction on the One SMALL Step, Columbus Facebook page. Bids can be made in $1 increments by commenting with your bid amount. Bidding is open NOW and will end Saturday, April 2nd, at 5pm EST.

Many thanks to our art contributors: Benjamin (age 8, Ohio), Sora Chamberlin (age 1, Ohio), McKenzie C. (age 5, Michigan), Connor Rawlings Crist (age 2, Alabama), Mackenzie Legerski (age 7, Nevada), Nicolle Palen (Colorado), Jae Rector (age 5, Ohio), Jake Rivard (age 5, Nebraska), Max Seidlitz (age 21, Maryland), Gage Snell (age 6, Ohio), Avery Straub (age 3, New Jersey), Wylee Stuckey (age 7, Ohio) and Sophia Tweel (age 7, Illinois).

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