I am still in awe of the results of this last round of proposals. Looking back at how far FPWR has come in the last few years and what we have been able to do together thrills my heart and my soul!

Those of us who truly believe that research has the power to unlock the mysteries of PWS and change the future for our children are putting all of our energy into finding ways to fund these projects. For most of us, that can't happen fast enough and the only thing that slows us down is finding the money we need to pay for the projects we have recruited.

Now just think about this. Right now, after we have selected the four projects we can fund, we will have more than a dozen projects sitting on Theresa's desk waiting for funding. When you think about that, it's really incredible. All those researchers/scientists have responded to our call and have work they would like to do to help our children. How sad it would be to think that no one had any good ideas, no one had novel ways of looking at PWS that could turn the tide for us. Fortunately for us, that is not the case. People are out there with ideas–GOOD ideas from top-notch researchers–and ALL we need is money.

Which is worse? Is it having money sitting in the bank with no ideas or having great ideas sitting right in front of us but not being able to support their development because of not having the money? For me, it would be truly depressing to think that we had money for research but had no ideas to support. Fortunately for FPWR, that's not the case. Those whose work it is to develop ideas have done their job. Now it's our turn to do ours. Let's give them the funds they need to help our children.

My friends, we are the specialists in PWS research! The quantity and quality of our work speaks for itself. After this next cycle, we will have funded at least 12 projects in 3 years. We are doing what we set out to do and the future looks so very bright! Thanks so much to all of you who have made this happen. Your willingness to put yourselves out there and to invest time and energy into this work has made it all possible. I am so very proud of you and all you have done for all of our children through FPWR. Let's put ourselves in bulldog and find ways to support EVERY WORTHY PROJECT that has potential to affect our children's future. Let's not let EVEN ONE good proposal slip through the cracks simply for lack of funding. There is no way to know if that proposal might have been the one that could have changed everything.

Keep up the good work, everybody. We were truly meant for this work, at this time, and with each other. That I believe!



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