Following a recent hospitalization with Erin, I was reminded of a few rules that should guide our thinking and actions when dealing with health issues in our children w/PWS. While these apply to all children, our more vulnerable ones need us to follow these guidelines even more.

Stop…..Don't let yourself get so busy that you can't keep on top of issues w/your child.

Look…..Watch your child carefully. If she/he is doing anything unusual, find out why.

Listen…..Pay attention to your child's words and body language. If she/he says it hurts, it does. It's more likely that a child w/PWS will NOT say that it hurts when it really does, rather than vice-versa. So, if your child says it hurts, take his/her word for it.

When it's a hard call to make, follow your gut. It may not look like a duck, or quack like a duck, but it may still be a duck. If you think it's a duck, you are probably right. If you're wrong, so what?

And finally, don't wait. You have a child who is waiting on you to take action. Don't wait. It could make all the difference.


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