Life with PWS sometimes requires some “tweaking” in order to up the chances that things will run smoothly. We often find ourselves at odds, especially with our children with PWS, regarding appointments/deadlines. Hurrying is next to impossible for many of our children since it requires an incredible shift from where they are at the moment to where we’d like them to be in the near future (schedules, appointments, etc.). Since this can be a constant struggle in our lives, maybe it’s time to take a look at steps we could take to reduce everybody’s stress.

We’ve become totally controlled by clocks. One of my favorite movies is Castaway in which Tom Hanks, who plays a FedEx management type, is totally consumed with timing. The events of the movie require him to rethink his concept of the primacy of time. (If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. It gets a little schmaltzy at the end, but it’s worth it.) Anyway, today’s parenting tip in The Daily Groove has to do with time pressure and it seems quite timely considering the type of schedule most people keep during the holidays. Keeping unnecessary stress at bay is essential to creating an enjoyable life, especially for those of us with “sensitive” children.

I posted a link to this site earlier and will include it with today’s entry, but remember that you can sign up for these daily reminders to come to your own mailbox. Today’s seemed important enough to risk a repeat for those of us who have already signed up.




:: Relieving Time Pressure ::

You enjoy parenting most when you feel expansive and
flowing — the way you feel when you’re not under any
kind of pressure.

One of the most common pressures of modern life is
*time pressure*: having to be somewhere or do
something by a certain time. Young children naturally
live in the moment, not by the clock, so subjecting
them to time pressure usually leads to discord.

To reduce time pressure in your daily groove…

* Decide that geniality (feeling good) is more
important than punctuality (being ‘right’).

* Don’t agree to be on time — build
flexibility into your agreements.
(“I’ll be there around 7:00-ish.”)

* When you really want to be on time to an
appointment, give yourself LOTS of extra
cushion time — just accept that life with
kids is less “efficient.”

* Don’t rush when you’re late — call and
renegotiate! For all you know, the person
you’re meeting may be late, too.

* When you can get away with it, don’t make
plans at all! Enjoy living spontaneously!

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