I was talking to Theresa today and the proposals are starting to come in. The deadline is December 1, so by Thursday we'll have all the news that is news. We were both so excited about the possibilities that this new round of projects could bring.

Friends, we're getting proposals from some of the most respected medical communities in the world, from names that cause our hearts to skip a beat. What we need now, all we need now, is money to fund these projects. Many of you have worked long and hard this year to sponsor events that have been very successful. Others have held letter-writing campaigns with friends and family members and have raised incredible amounts. Together, we have raised some $190,000 this year for a total of right at $350,000 since we began. That is a fantastic amount and I am so proud of you all and what you have done to support PWS research through FPWR!

Now, we are about to do what we set out to do–fund research. Our only challenge is in having enough money to fund every project that holds promise so we can accelerate the treatment, accelerate the cure. This is the end of the year and lots of people will be making end-of-the-year donations for tax purposes. We are sending out end-of-the-year letters next week to ask people to consider a donation to FPWR in their charitable giving. Think over your list of family members, friends, social contacts and see if there is anybody you would like for us to add to our database to receive our request letter. The more letters we send out, the better chances we have of a good return. Please turn in any names you would like to have included in our list to Johnna.

The timing for this letter is perfect. We now know that the we will have many excellent proposals to review. The pain will come in knowing that there are researchers out there who have ideas that could help our children, but we don't have the money to fund their work. How blessed we are to have researchers with ideas! How sad if no one had any proposals to help our children. If all they need is money, we can surely come up with that. There is a lot of money out there. It's just a matter of making the right connections to it and the people who control the flow. Keep thinking of who you know and how those people might want to be involved in helping us reach our goals. You'd be surprised at how many people you can think of who are involved in your family's life if you think about it.


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