Schaaf-Yang_Syndrome_First_Steps-CoverAs parents of children with SYS, we know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and isolated – especially in the days and weeks after your child's diagnosis. But we're here to tell you there is hope for you and your child.

Learning about treatments and strategies that are working for other families can make a huge difference, but that information can be very hard to find in the beginning of your SYS journey. So we've written a booklet, First Steps: A Parent's Guide to Schaaf-Yang Syndrome, that you can download for free. It includes 22 pages of:

  • Insights and strategies for coping and thriving with SYS that have worked for other families
  • Information about symptoms and treatments that many general practitioners don't know
  • An inspiring message from Dr. Christian Schaaf
  • Links to resources to support you now and in the coming weeks, months, and years

It's the information many of us wish we'd had when we started our SYS journey. We hope you find it helpful!