Tanya Johnson
Board Member

“Dante’s diagnosis of Prader-Willi Syndrome has taught me so much about the true meaning of life, priorities and patience. I choose to believe that we can eliminate the challenges of PWS, through the advancement of research and I am honoured to serve as a board member of this talented group of parents and professionals who are working toward an independent future.@

Tanya Johnson graduated from University of Toronto. She is a Special Education Resource Teacher in High School and works with students of various abilities including, Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Tanya lives in Mississaug, ON, Canada with her husband Keegan and 2 boys, Dante (7 years, PWS) and Denzel (6 years).

Tanya is the co-founder of FPWR Canada and founder of the One SMALL Step Walkathon which has recently become an international event and has raised over $1.5 million for the PWS Research Plan. Tanya is the co-chair of the international walk committee (with Susan Hedstrom) and is heavily involved with conference planning in both countries. She has played a key role in uniting families around the world to come together as “ONE” PWS community in order to eliminate the challenges of PWS.