15 for 15 Challenge

Anywhere, USA


The 15 for 15 Challenge

PWS research won’t stop and we can’t either. You can help support research this year and set a goal to improve your own health and well being. Join us in supporting health and fitness with our 15 for 15 Challenge!


How it Works

1. To get started, register yourself or your team here!

2. Choose your challenge, date and location.
Here are a few challenge ideas:
Run, bike, swim or walk 15 miles over the course of 15 days
Do yoga with the kids for 15 minutes every day for 15 days
Complete 15 reps of an exercise every day for 15 days
Share your best challenge ideas with us!

3. Make a donation to your fundraising page

4. Tell your friends and family about why you are taking the challenge
and ask your network to support you with a contribution to FPWR

5. Send us your challenge goal and a photo to help inspire and encourage others!


We will do whatever it takes. We will not give up.

Why Support the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research?

The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research is dedicated to advancing PWS research and developing treatments for our loved ones with PWS. We are not just waiting and hoping for new treatments and a cure for PWS, we are aggressively doing something about it! From funding breakthrough research to facilitating partnerships and collaborations, we are driving research forward with urgency, because we are parents of loved ones with PWS too.

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How are Funds Used?

FPWR's research programs are advancing innovative research that will develop new and effective therapies for PWS. Your donation will ensure the best PWS research is moved forward so that our loved ones with PWS may lead full and independent lives. Donations to FPWR will:

  • Support innovative gene therapy research
  • Investigate novel PWS treatments
  • Facilitate clinical trials
  • Develop new models of PWS
  • Generate critical knowledge of PWS
  • Develop new therapeutic approaches
  • Improve clinical care
  • And More!