Art Auction Offers Unique Opportunity to Help Raise Funds for PWS Research

2020 FALL Art Auction Photo Collage FB SYS (1)

FPWR is preparing for our fall PWS | SYS Artists Art Auction and our success depends on the participation of families, like yours! 

Participation is simple and fun! If you choose to participate, we will mail you a canvas that your child can paint any way they like. You can see from our sample art from previous auctions that there is a huge variety - anything goes!

During the week of the auction, we will send you tips and templates so that you can share your participation with your family and friends. Supporters will have 5 days to bid on the artwork. Donations can also be made in honor of the artist.

If you are interested in participating in our art auction, please complete the form below. Due to the high demand for participation, we may not be able to include every artist that expresses interest. 


Would you and your loved one like to participate in our next art auction? Complete the form below!