Chronic Stress, Cognition and Food Cue Reactivity

We want to learn more about how stress affects appetite in Prader-Willi Syndrome and how different areas of the brain communicate with one another in adolescents. With your help, we can gain more insight into the functioning of the adolescent brain.

Magnetoencephalography Study

Who can participate?

  • Adolescents with PWS between the ages of 7 to 16 years old

What’s involved?

  • Physical assessment and questionnaires
  • Blood work
  • MEG scan (brain scan) during four short tasks
  • Entire study will take 8.5 hours over two visits to SickKids

Are there benefits to participating?

  • Community service hours
  • Reimbursement for travel and parking
  • A gift card

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Jill Hamilton

Interested? To ask questions contact:

Barkha Patel, Clinical Research Project Manager
416-813-7654 ext. 201915

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