Phase 2 Trial to Evaluate Safety & Efficacy of RM-493 in Obese Patients With Prader-Willi Syndrome


Rhythm Metabolic, Inc. is conducting a Phase 2 study of RM-493. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a once daily injectable formulation in obese PWS individuals ages 16-65. The study will measure drug safety and tolerability, as well as weight loss and hyperphagia-related behavior. The study will last approximately 10 weeks and will include an 'open label extension', in which all participants (including those who initially received placebo) have the option of receiving the study drug.  For more information, contact the clinical coordinator or visit here.

Study locations include:
University of California - Irvine
University of Florida
University of Kansas Medical Center
Vanderbilt University
Winthrop University Hospital

Coordinator information at UC Irvine
Principle Investigator: Virginia Kimonis, MD
Clinical Coordinator: Abhilasha Surampalli    (949) 824-0521

Coordinator information at University of Florida
Principle Investigator: Jennifer Miller, MD
Clinical Coordinator: Beverly P Giordano    (352) 294-5280

Coordinator information at University of Kansas Medical Center
Principle Investigator: Merlin Butler, MD
Clinical Coordinator: Humaira Masoud    913-945-6689

Coordinator information at Winthrop University Hospital
Principle Investigator: Moris Angulo, MD
Clinical Coordinator: Marilyn Richardson

Coordinator information at Vanderbilt University
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