Feasibility of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Temper Outbursts

Study Purpose

The Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Temper Outbursts intends to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a mindfulness-based intervention for managing temper outbursts in PWS. The study will also evaluate the interventions  impact on anxiety.  This study will be conducted remotely via phone, email and video-conference and is, therefore, open to families both within and outside of Australia.

Eligible participants with PWS, their primary caregiver (parent or resident carer) and a teacher or support worker will be invited to participate in an 18-week trial. Two weeks before the start of the trial primary caregivers will be trained to use and teach the mindfulness-based intervention. The 18-weeks will be divided into three six-week periods termed baseline, intervention and follow-up. Throughout the 18-weeks, primary caregivers and a teacher support worker will be asked to monitor the person’s behaviours. During the intervention period, primary caregivers will teach the mindfulness-based intervention to the person with PWS.

A webinar sharing details on this study was recorded May, 2019. You can watch the webinar below or read a transcription of the webinar on our blog

Recruitment Criteria

Study Type: intervention, all patients will receive treatment
Eligible Ages: 13 - 30 years old
Other Criteria: patients may have either a mild intellectual disability or typical IQ

Trial Details

Trial Id: N/A
Duration: 18 weeks
Countries: All
Additional Details: This study will be conducted remotely via phone, email and video-conference

Contact Information

To learn more please contact Lauren Rice, Phone: +61 2 9114 4106; Email: fhs.devpsych@sydney.edu.au

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