Upcoming Events

FPWR Annual Conference

FPWR's Annual Conference is a powerful experience combining education, networking and community-building. Learn about the latest progress being made in PWS research and updates on PWS clinical trials, as well as learn more about the latest strategies to manage symptoms associated with PWS.

Annual PWS Research Symposium

An exciting event featuring the latest breakthroughs in PWS research including genetics, molecular mechanisms, PWS models, metabolism, therapeutic development, clinical care, and clinical trials. Presentations will be given for a scientific audience. Parents are welcome to attend.

Take One SMALL Step in 2020

  One SMALL Step events demonstrate the power of our community working together to find treatments for PWS. These volunteer driven events are held across North America by community members who want to accelerate PWS research and find treatments for our loved ones with PWS. 

Rare Disease Day 2020

Show Your Stripes! The Zebra, known for its distinctive black and white stripes, has become the official symbol of rare disease. The unique stripes of the Zebra are what make each individual distinct. Despite there being more than 7,000 unique rare diseases, there are many commonalities that unite...