The February Fitness Fundraiser is a virtual challenge for all ages and fitness levels. Encourage exercise while raising funds for Prader-Willi Syndrome research. Log any physical activity minutes in the Strava app during February (the free version of the app is all you need!). Start a fundraiser and share your progress with friends! Every participant will receive motivation mail and a completion medal. 

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Swim or hike, dance or bike,
Bounce or ride, kick or slide!
Time in PT? Count that, too!
By yourself, or with your crew.
February 1 - February 28
Get social, get active, and feel great!
Set a goal, hit start, and then,
Start a fundraiser to share with friends! 
Log your minutes, one by one
Earn a medal and have some FUN!

Choose a Goal
  • Bronze: 15 minutes daily activity
  • Silver: 30 minutes daily activity
  • Gold: 60 minutes daily activity
  • Set any personal goal that works for you! There's no wrong way to participate.
    We'll share stats on our weekly leaderboard as minutes add up! 

Get Started Today!

  1. Register to participate by completing the form below
  2. Download the Strava app (the free version!)
  3. Follow The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research on Strava 
  4. Log physical activity minutes in Strava during February
  5. Create a Fundraiser to share with others

Optional: Join the FPWR Fitness Challenge Facebook Group

Register for Our 2022 February Fitness Challenge!