Establishment of an in vitro model of muscle cells derived from primary fibroblasts to study dysregulation of translational capacity in PWS

Previous results showed that our physical rehabilitation program could induce weight loss in a group of adult PWS patients, but failed to improve their muscular mass (Grolla et al.2010). The loss of muscle mass affects elderly, obese and PWS patients leading to frailty and impaired quality of life. It is becoming apparent, using animal models, false

Hypoglycemia in PWS: A prospective study

Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a complex genetic disorder associated with varied clinical findings, neurocognitive delay, and endocrine abnormalities. Clinically, individuals with PWS progress along a path marked by different nutritional stages. In infancy, children with PWS have hypotonia, poor feeding, excessive daytime sleepiness, and false

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